zaterdag 14 januari 2012

Former Coaststation "Ostend Radio" 500 KHz antenna's

4 Towers ,each 360 feet high
4 parallel wires , some 1000 feet long ,  abt 300 feet high
The Transmitting Building
left and right
the feeders of  ANT1 and ANT2
Ant1 and Ant2 drawn with "Paint" program, giving +/- image how they are situated in the picture

Over voltage protector outside the building
without any light ,
this is not a scene from some "Horrormovie" , neither Count Dracula's QTH in Transsylvania hahahahahaha,
-against the wall (righthand corner)  : Lightning-protector
-thick copper tube with ceramic stand-off's = the feed(tube)
on the table :  antenna tuner + a few K2's having a "hell of a job" with these inputsignals.

(for years) no heating system at all in the building  , some extra pull-overs, body-warmers ,even gloves are more then welcome!

...just two friends having a lot of fun ...

left : Jos,ON6WJ     right Wilfried, ON6EO

our second visit:
Monday January 16th
from 19:30 till 20:30 UTC
UBA QRP Foxhunt
Rig= Elecraft K2 ,5Watts out
worked stns:
pse visit the foxweblog at:

From 18:30 till 19:30  and from 21:00 till 22:00
(sri both nearly frozen) made some Xband QSO, listening at 503 KHz ,replying at 3575 KHz
contacted stns:
received their 503 KHz signals frm 599 to...40dB over nine
to give an expression about those BIG signals !!
a few stations recorded here;

 Wilfried "prepairing" the receiver
 Empty transmitting room ...
 temp outside : minus 3 degrees
no central (or whatever) heating for many years
 Wilfried & Jos

 the lightning arresters for both antenna's

hopely ,the next pictures will be one of a real " 500KHz DX-pedition"